Hello. My name is Rameez. I also go by Ramz and that was before the hit single ‘Barking’. It took me awhile but I finally have a website. As a graphic designer I’m told this would get me a job, but that’s okay if it doesn’t. For awhile I had wondered what exactly to put on here and the vast amount of times I uploaded project after project it felt no point, as what I enjoy most in design work are what you see here right now: logos and motion graphics. So I hope you enjoy this collection of work and, should you find yourself wanting to work alongside myself in creating some fun logos or a funky animation of sorts, let’s talk and we can be best friends, or just professional colleagues of sorts.

On a serious note: I am a BA Hons graduate in Graphic Design and since 2012 I have worked mainly as a digital designer for start-ups, agencies and studios working for various clients as mentioned below. If you would like to see the more serious client type of work I do, I suggest you head over to my Behance, where I will look to upload projects that I have done whilst working within companies.

Take a look at my CV here.

I have worked with the following…